A lapa is always ‘n nice entertainment area and creates an atmosphere of friendliness and an inviting feeling of calm.

It adds a lot of value to your property and usually becomes your show piece and is the place where you and friends and family will spend many a happy hour around the barbeque.


When you plan to install a Lapa on your property always keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure that you get a specialist to build your lapa
  • Do not contract a person from the street – even though it may be the cheaper option, you could be penny wise but pound foolish
  • Make sure that the contractor only makes use of SABS approved material such as arsenic treated poles, galvanised binding wire, Cape thatching reed, nylon poly propilene twine and others
  • Do not pay an advance deposit – he most likely won’t return to do the job
  • Always make sure you get a guarantee and after construction service

For total peace of mind please contact Landgoed Lapas.